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  • Tobacco Consumption Among Oregonians with Disabilities

  • COVID-19 and Tobacco

    Initial research shows that people who smoke may be more likely to develop serious complications from COVID-19. If you’d like to quit, free help is available a…

  • Email Sign Up

    Name*FirstLast Email* County*County or TribeI don't live in OregonBakerBentonBurns Paiute TribeClackamasClatsopColumbiaConfederated Tribes of Coos, Lower U…

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  • Smoke-free Housing Tools

    Tools and resources for renters experiencing secondhand smoke in their units.

  • Together, We’re Stronger Than Big Tobacco

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  • Letter to Commissioner

    Send an email to your local decision-maker. Ask them to protect people in your community from the tobacco industry. Together, we can keep our kids safe. Enter …

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  • Smokefree Oregon Resource Portal Counties and Tribes

    Resources County and Tribes

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  • Native Quit Line

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