Quit Tobacco Your Way, With Free Tools to Help.

¡Tú Puedes Vencer Al Tabaco! Dejar de fumar es tu decisión.

Together, we’re stronger than Big Tobacco.

Tobacco is dangerous, and it’s pushed by a dishonest industry. That hurts everyone in Oregon, whether we use tobacco or not.

Stop Big Tobacco

Owners of Astoria’s Peter Pan Market stand up to Big Tobacco by refusing to sell tobacco products in their community store. Learn More. 

The tobacco industry actively targets people living with disabilities. Nickole experienced this targeted tobacco marketing firsthand, but has quit smoking and now lives a smoke-free life.

For resources on how to quit tobacco, click here.

smoking & covid-19

WARNING: Smoking or vaping can make COVID-19 worse. Free help to quit is available.

Text “READY” to 34191, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit www.quitnow.net/Oregon.

ADVERTENCIA: Fumar o vapear puede desarrollar complicaciones graves por el COVID-19. Existe ayuda gratuita para dejar de fumar.

Visite www.quitnow.net/OregonSP o llame a

Did you know

The tobacco industry spends over $100 million each year in Oregon

Enough is enough. Join us in taking a stand against Big Tobacco

What people in oregon are Doing

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Be Part of the Change

Join with Smokefree Oregon to stand up to the tobacco industry. We can limit the negative impact it has on our communities and loved ones. Together, we’re stronger than Big Tobacco.

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