Imagine Oregon Without Big Tobacco

Our communities connect us to where we live, to our culture and history, to what we love to do, and to each other.

Big Tobacco affects all of our communities, whether we use it or not.

It poisons our air and water. It takes the lives of people we love. It costs our state billions of dollars every year. 

Can you Imagine Oregon free from the harms caused by Big Tobacco? Working together — and doing what we can on our own — we can make it a reality.

Here’s how you can help …

Take Action In Your Community

Use the Map To Find Organizations In Your Community

Across Oregon, people and organizations are working to stop the tobacco industry, help people quit, and address the root causes of commercial tobacco use. No matter where you live — and however you define YOUR community — you can find organizations and support that make a difference. Start your journey by exploring the map!

Make The Places You Love Smoke Free

For years, people in Oregon have come together to protect themselves and others from secondhand smoke and vape aerosol. Together, we have created more smoke-free housing, especially for renters. We have made smoke-free parks, colleges, events and more. Find out how to make more of the places you love smoke free.

Support People Who Want To Quit

Learn Ways To Quit Tobacco

Quitting tobacco isn’t easy – but it’s worth it. Check out Smokefree Oregon’s resources to help you quit for real — all free of cost. You can find  counseling, get patches and gum, or find the tools you need to quit on your own!

Help Someone You Love Quit

When someone knows they have the support of their friend, family member, or community — it can make their quit journey a little easier. Check out Smokefree Oregon’s resources to support someone you care about in their quitting journey.

Add Your Voice!

Share The Campaign With Friends And Family

What does Oregon without Big Tobacco look like to you? Share Imagine campaign graphics and videos on social media to start conversations, inspire awareness, and rally support for positive change. Add your voice now!

Pledge To Speak Out

Take the pledge for an Oregon without Big Tobacco. Show your commitment to creating healthier communities free from the influence of the tobacco industry. Sign the Imagine pledge now!

Imagine Videos

Imagine Oregon Without Big Tobacco

Imagine Oregon Without Big Tobacco

Imagine Oregon Without Big Tobacco

About the Imagine Campaign

Smokefree Oregon’s new Imagine campaign was developed in collaboration with community-based organizations, local public health authorities, and partners from across Oregon. Together, they formed the Addressing Commercial Tobacco (ACT) Advisory Committee to create this campaign by communities … for communities. 

The ACT Advisory Committee played a big role in the campaign … from identifying audiences and setting goals, to shaping messages and illustrations. In addition, the committee advised on research, advertising, and ways to evaluate how well the campaign works. Smokefree Oregon thanks the ACT Advisory Committee for their time and dedication to this project.

Smokefree Oregon partners can use the Imagine campaign digital toolkit on the Smokefree Oregon Resource Portal to share the campaign! (Make sure you’re logged in to the Portal.)

If you’re a community group or organization that wants to be part of this campaign, you can sign up for the Smokefree Oregon Resource Portal to access the digital campaign toolkit and other resources.