referral to quit: for health systems and social service agencies

Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death, killing over 7000 Oregonians each year. The top way that people hear about the Quit Line is from their doctor’s office.

All health systems and organizations can

  • Ask every patient or client if they use tobacco.
  • Advise them to quit.
  • Refer them to cessation resources.

Health Systems, Providers, Medical Assistants, Health Navigators

Why refer your patients to the Quit Line or other programs?

Research indicates that provider referral of patients to tobacco cessation programs is associated with a significantly higher participation rate than simply telling patients they should quit. By using an electronic health/medical record system to refer your patients to cessation resources, it also assists your organization in achieving Meaningful Use and Patient Centered Primary Medical Home standards, and reduces the burden on staff.

How to Send E-Referrals to the Quit Line Using Electronic Health/Medical Record Systems

Read these E-Referral Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
  • If E-Referrals are not feasible, the Fax Referral process can be used (see below)

Who is Asking, Advising and Referring Patients to Cessation Resources?


Social Service or Behavioral Health Agencies

Why refer your clients to the Quit Line or other programs?

Using the fax referral form to refer clients who use tobacco to the Quit Line provides social service and behavioral health agency staff with a quick and easy way to direct their clients to make an attempt to quit tobacco and relieves clients of the barrier of having to initiate first contact with the Quit Line.

How to Send Fax Referrals to the Quit Line

Who is Asking, Advising and Referring Clients to Cessation Resources?

Douglas County Health Department


Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: 2008 Update, Clinical Practice Guidelines Help Your Patients Quit Tobacco Use: An Implementation Guide for Community Health Centers Quit Line Presentation (For Providers) Quit Line Presentation (For General Audiences)