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  • Smokefree Oregon Coloring Pages

    Coloring is a great stress reliever for adults and youth! It can be the perfect alternative to smoking as you work through a craving. Here are some coloring pa…

  • [Press Release] AG Rosenblum Praises Online Vape Sales Ban

    The Oregon Senate passed a bill banning the online sales of e-cigarettes and other vaping products! This is a huge step towards creating a Smokefree Oregon and…

  • Pharmacy Map

    Select pharmacies are now able to prescribe medications to help you quit smoking for good. Health insurance plans, including Oregon Health Plan, cover medicati…

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  • Local Progress and Wins!

    Throughout the state, tribal and county tobacco prevention and education programs are advancing critical policies and engaging community members to create heal…

  • Tu Historia

    Si ya tomaste la decisión, queremos conocer tu historia.Completa los siguientes campos obligatorios: Name*NombreApellido Edad*Please enter a number from 10 t…

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  • Ballot Measure 108 Advisory Group

    Meeting Minutes January 10, 2021FAQs FAQs Contact UsPlease send any questions or comments to

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  • Smoke-free Housing Resources

    everyone deserves to breath clean smoke-free air in their home Whether you rent or own your home, you should be protected from the harmful effects of second…

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  • TEST 2

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  • Help for Youth Who Vape or Smoke

    Resources to help youth quit The younger someone starts to use nicotine—either tobacco or vaping products—the harder it will be to quit. Nearly 90 percent o…

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