Help Someone Quit

Surveys show that in Oregon, three-quarters of people who smoke59 want to quit but struggle to break their addiction. Below are ways to find help for your own quit efforts or to support friends and family.

Call 1-800-QUIT-NOWor connect toQUITNOW.NET/OREGONfor quit resources and assistance
If you smoke or use other tobacco products

Know that quitting tobacco is the best thing you can do to immediately improve your health.

There's Help
The Oregon Tobacco Quit Line (1-800-QUIT-NOW or 1-800-784-8669) is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Coaching is available in many languages and to all Oregonians, regardless of income or insurance status. Friendly, non-judgmental quit coaches will help you make your own plan to fit your own life. No pressure, no guilt. Coaches can:
  • help you figure out if you are eligible for free nicotine gum or the patch
  • provide tips on what to do when you have the urge to smoke, chew or use other tobacco products
  • help you plan for times and situations when you usually use tobacco, and provide ways to change these routines when you quit
  • talk about what hasn’t worked, if you’ve already tried to quit, and new things you could try
  • tell you about medications that can help you quit
  • may be able to send you free nicotine patches or gum
  • send you a Quit Guide chosen just for you
Once you have a quit plan, ask for support and plan your rewards. Tell your family and friends about your quit plan and ask for their support, and plan rewards for yourself. After you quit, celebrate! Save money! Enjoy better health! Feel great about yourself! If you ever need more help, call the Quit Line again for free.
If you care about a smoker

Motivate people who smoke in your life with the knowledge that the No. 1 thing they can do to improve their health and extend their lives is to quit smoking.

Overall, be supportive, patient and encouraging. Celebrate success. When the person quitting has been off cigarettes for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc., plan something special. Visit a favorite park, for example, or take a day trip to a fun destination.