Living in a smokefree environment is one of the best things you can do for your health. If you have kids, a smokefree home reduces their risk of asthma and other illnesses, and makes it less likely that they’ll grow up to be smokers. It also gives you a cleaner and fresher place to live, free of smoke and of the toxins that linger in carpets and walls long after the smoke clears. And it’s safer, with much less risk of fire and damage. Now, Oregonians are protected by the Oregon Landlord Disclosure Law, which requires landlords to provide their smoking policy in writing before a lease is signed. Renters will know for certain that they will be living in a healthy and safe smokefree environment. Be sure to ask your landlord if you are not aware of the policy – you have the right to know. Click here for more information about how the Landlord Disclosure Law affects you. If you are a renter and you are exposed to neighbors’ secondhand smoke, there are steps you can take with tools to download and use, such as a sample landlord letter. Find out your legal rights. Here are additional resources: