Living in a smokefree home is good for you and your family, protecting you from the dangerous toxins in secondhand smoke and greatly reducing the risk of fires and damage to your home.

Smokefree housing is a growing trend across the state, with many homeowners and landlords, private and public, adopting no-smoking policies for their homes and buildings. Among many others, Guardian Management LLC took all 12,000 of its rental units smokefree in 2008 and received very positive feedback from staff and residents. As of February 2011, 16 of the 22 housing authorities in Oregon have a no-smoking policy for some or all of their properties.

Renters: Are you exposed to unwanted secondhand smoke at home? Find out what you can do!

Landlords: Want to save money in cleaning and maintenance and reduce your risks of fire and liability? It is completely legal to adopt a no-smoking policy for your rentals, and the market is there for you. Three-fourths of renters are looking for a no-smoking unit. Get more info here.