Click to Call

Placing Click to Call on Your Website
Click to Call is a button that resides on a web site that initiates a telephone call into the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line.   Placing a Click to Call button helps promote the Quit Line by:
  • Providing an easy way for participants to sign up for Quit Line services via phone
  • Making it easy for participants to contact their Quit Coach for any reason – whether they’re dealing with a craving, have a question, or just want to talk about their quit.
Your web pages can do more than introduce the program.  They can become the link between the participant and the Quit Coach.
  • Click to Call calls are handled just like a normal phone call to the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line.
  • The button can be placed on one or multiple web pages, on internet or intranet sites.
  How does Click to Call work from the participant’s experience? A participant simply:

1)    clicks the button on the web page

2)    enters the phone number of the telephone where they want to talk

3)    clicks “submit”

Their phone will ring immediately, and the participant is connected with the Quit Line.   How do I place the button on my site? The code needs to be implemented by someone familiar with HTML code and the code of the web pages where the Click to Call button will be placed. The following is the source code you will need to use:
    Source Code
Place the following code between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags of your web page. If you are putting multiple buttons on a single page, include this top section of code once per page. <script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script> Place the following code where the Click to Call feature is desired. <a href=”javascript:webVoicePop(‘Template=120906′,’var1=Oregon Tobacco Quit Line’,’var3=ClientWeb’,’var4=’ + navigator.appVersion);”><img src=”” alt=”Click to Call” border=”0″ /></a>  
Implementation of Click to Call involves working with source code.  The Oregon Tobacco Quit Line will support the implementation of the Click to Call button on your web site(s) if the code is implemented exactly as delivered and specified.  If the source code is altered on your site, you will be responsible for any issues that arise. If you need additional support or customized code for your website(s), please contact us at 971.673.0984.