I Want To Quit

Are you ready to quit? You are not alone. More than three out of four [1] Oregon tobacco users want to quit. And there’s help to do just that.
The Oregon Tobacco Quit Line is a free program offering tips, information, and one-on-one telephone counseling to anyone looking to quit tobacco or help someone quit. Available to all Oregonians regardless of income or insurance status, the Quit Line is staffed by real people who are friendly and non-judgmental. Quit coaches will help you make your own plan to fit your own life. No pressure, no guilt. Coaches can even help you figure out if you are eligible for free nicotine gum or the patch. Quitting tobacco is the best thing you can do to immediately improve your health. You can quit. We can help. Oregon Tobacco Quit Line: Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Coaching is available in many languages.
  1. 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669), www.quitnow.net/Oregon
  2. Español: 1-855-DEJELO-YA (1-855-335356-92), https://www.quitnow.net/oregonsp/.
  3. TTY: 1-877-777-6534
Here’s how it works: 1. Call the Quit Line 2. Talk with an expert quit coach We know what you’re going through. We don’t nag or lecture. We help you feel more confident about quitting for good. There are many different ways to quit. We’ll help you make a plan that will work for you.
  1. Tips on what to do when you have the urge to smoke or chew.
  2. Times and situations when you usually smoke or chew, and ways to change these routines when you quit.
  3. If you’ve tried to quit, we’ll talk about what hasn’t worked and new things you could try.
  4. We’ll tell you about medications that can help you quit. We may be able to send you free nicotine patches or gum.
3. Get more help from your Quit Guide – We’ll send you a Quit Guide chosen just for you. 4. Ask for support and plan your rewards – Tell your family and friends about your quit plan and ask for their support, and plan rewards for yourself. 5. Quit and celebrate – Save money! Enjoy better health! Feel great about yourself! 6. If you ever need more help, call us again for free Learn more about Oregon’s law guaranteeing a tobacco cessation benefit to all Oregonian’s covered by private insurance. Websites with additional information about quitting include:
  1. American Lung Association’s Freedom from Smoking Online Program
  2. Become an Ex: Re-learn Live Without Cigarettes
  3. OHSU Smoking Cessation Center
  4. You Can Quit Smoking Now
  5. Complete Guide to Quitting
  6. TeenQuit
  7. My Last Dip: quit smokeless tobacco
  8. Asian Smokers Quitline

[1] http://public.health.oregon.gov/PreventionWellness/TobaccoPrevention/Documents/tobfacts.pdf