The Recommendations

Oregonians save $400 million in medical costs every time the Oregon smoking rate is reduced by just 1 percent. We have a unique opportunity to leverage the 2009 state requirement that state-based health plans cover smoking cessation.

The Helping Benefit Oregon Smokers (HBOS) collaborative wants to make cessation benefits even more effective so more Oregonians can quit for good.

HBOS has developed recommendations to guide health plans, employers, health care purchasers, health care providers, employees, and advocates as they embrace a standard of care and create a more effective cessation benefit. Here are highlights of the recommendations:

  • Make sure smokers and tobacco users know what treatments are available and how to access them.
  • Apply evidence-based best treatment practices and model on chronic disease management.
  • Reduce and eliminate barriers for easier access.
  • Monitor and review outcomes to make sure goals are being reached. Read the recommendations and learn more about what we can all do to create a standard of care and an effective cessation benefit that helps Oregonians.