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Despite a decline in the number of people who smoke, tobacco use is still Oregon’s leading preventable cause of death and illness. The good news is that most smokers want to quit, and nearly every Oregonian with private health insurance can get help.

In 2009, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 734 requiring private health insurers to offer a tobacco cessation benefit of at least $500.

The Helping Benefit Oregon Smokers (HBOS) collaborative is working to establish a standard of care in Oregon so that every Oregonian who wants to quit will have the best chance to do so.

HBOS has developed recommendations to guide health plans, employers, health care purchasers, health care providers, employees, and advocates as they embrace this standard of care by creating the most effective cessation benefit. The science for helping people quit has advanced, but not all health care benefits align with what we know works. Having a commonly used set of recommendations can:

  • Help doctors and patients know what treatment will be covered.
  • Increase treatment effectiveness and rates of cessation.
  • Save tobacco users thousands of dollars a year.
  • Reduce days of work missed due to illness.
  • Lead to healthier, smokefree communities.

See the “$400 Million Solution” for more information and to advocate for an Oregon standard.


We All Have A Role-Join In

Compare your benefit using the HBOS Benefit Comparison and Scoring Chart for employers and purchasers, health care providers, health plans, policy makers, and advocates.

View a PowerPoint presentation to learn more about the recommendations.

Access an online calculator to help you estimate the return on investment for your organization.

Become an endorser and use the Recommendations to guide benefit decisions.

Advocate for the standard benefit in discussions with health care leaders, purchasers, and health care policy decision makers.


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