English Quit Resources

Please click an image to download.
The poster files are formatted to print on 11 x 17 (tabloid size) paper. Just click on the image and it will download to your computer desktop. You should be able to print from there.
Counter Cards
QUIT_ADULT-Countercards_English-10.15 QUIT_Countercard_EN_Disability-1-1015 QUIT_Countercard_EN_Disability-2-1015   quittingiseasierwithhelp-1015
Palm Cards
The palm cards are business card size, and formatted with content on both front and back. They have been formatted with 8 cards on a regular 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Be sure to set your printer to print front and back. We recommend printing on card stock so that palm cards hold up over time.

Resources for Dental/Medical offices

AdvanDental-TobaccoFreeSigns_7x10-1 AdvanDental-TobaccoFreeSigns_12x18-1 AdvanDental-TobaccoFreeSigns_18x24-1
OHA_Sparc_Doc-Posters_8.5x11-A OHA_Sparc_Doc-Posters_8.5x11-B OHA_Sparc_Doc-Posters_8.5x11-C
OHA_Sparc_Doc-Posters_8.5x11-D OHA_Sparc_Doc-Posters_8.5x11-E  OHA_Sparc_Doc-Posters_11x17-A
OHA_Sparc_Doc-Posters_11x17-B OHA_Sparc_Doc-Posters_11x17-C OHA_Sparc_Doc-Posters_11x17-D
OHA_Sparc_Doc-Posters_11x17-E OHA_Sparc-Klamath_Doc-Posters_8.5x11-A OHA_Sparc-Klamath_Doc-Posters_8.5x11-B